RRD выпустил серию кайтов специально для вейв райдинга. В конструкции кайта и в управлении применено много новшеств и необычных решений. Краткое описание на английском можно прочитать в подробнее. Напомню, что RRD также делает неплохие доски для этих же целей. 

Ciao guys,

The Type Wave is a medium AR kite designed to help you really ride the waves. The kite itself is built to resit when washed by the waves and make repairs easy and cheap in case of a rip. The windows constuction consist in a dacron patch that runs on struts, LE, TE and prevent rips to involve struts and LE.

6 struts give the TW a lot of stability. Also two struts in the middle helps the kite to relaunch when needs to fight water washed over by a wave.

The fifth line is Y shaped and joined to a span line that connects the sides of the kite that stabilizes the kite while 5th is ingaged.

Yes becouse with RRD Wave System Bar you can actually use the fith line to depower completely the kite. A simple pully on the CL pulls the 5th line while you normally push the bar away from you to depower. With the same length depower we can now go from 100% power to a 10% power wile a normal bar setup can may be depower up to 50%

This System becomes a must have when you're determed to surf side or side-off condition that normally force you to fight the kite getting overpowered doing cut backs or just going down the line. Allows you to come down on the face of the wave and stay on it. It's so gentle and progressive that you can ride your surboard without straps with much less efford.

The TW is by far the fastest turning kite I made. It's even faster than very fast T6, and that comes handy to riding side-on conditions.,

The all package TW + Wave System + Wave Off boards becouse we believe that waveriding is happening in kiteboarding and avery aspect of our sport deserves specific designed equipment !

Have fun with them,
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